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The STAR Centre (previously the Rape Counselling and Resource Centre) offers free and confidential support to anyone, of any ethnicity, aged 13+ who has experienced sexual violence (women, girls, men, boys and those who identify as transgender or non-binary)

We are part of the Rape Crisis Scotland Network and have been working to reduce the harm of sexual violence across Ayrshire for the past 30 years.

Our Team

All our work is delivered by a team of self-identifying women workers, who are highly trained and have extensive experience of working in the field of sexual violence. The team is supported by a committed and enthusiastic group of volunteers.


Niki is one of the Sexual Violence Prevention Workers at the centre, alongside Niamh. Niki has worked as a practitioner and manager in Addiction, Criminal Justice and Education settings with a specific interest in working with woman, for over twenty years. Niki says “Working with young people in a preventative capacity is energising, exciting and a real privilege.  It is fascinating to work alongside young people and help them explore and understand gender inequalities and intersectionality and how it impacts on their life.” Niki currently has some interim managerial responsibilities within the centre and is a trained Mindfulness practitioner and group facilitator.


Mary is the Core Support Worker at The STAR Centre supporting anyone over the age of 25 years including survivors, family, friends and partners.  Mary tells us “I have witnessed some amazing changes including growth within the centre, along with my own personal development and valuable training from Rape Crisis Scotland.” Mary has been a constant within the team for over a decade and brings a wealth of experience, warmth and compassion to those that she supports.   Mary is also trained in a range of complimentary therapies which are available to those being supported at the centre.


Niamh is a Sexual Violence Prevention Worker at The STAR Centre, employed via the national prevention programme. Niamh tells us “I love my role as I have the opportunity to work with and learn from young people across Ayrshire on issues related to sexual violence. I love working at The STAR Centre as I get to work alongside several passionate women committed to fighting gender inequality, supporting survivors and working hard to end sexual violence. I am a passionate feminist and feel at home here”. Niamh has experience of working in the community development field both in Scotland and abroad, with a particular interest in gender and empowering women. Niamh has recently completed a MA in Gender, Violence and Conflict.


Pamela is the support and advocacy worker for the centre and supports anyone who has reported a crime of sexual violence to the police or is considering reporting. This role was established early 2016 as part of the national advocacy programme and since this time Pamela has been learning and gaining knowledge about the criminal justice system. Pamela’s role involves supporting survivors through the CJS from explaining what is involved in making a report to the police through to being with you in court should your case get to trial.


Vicky has been administrator for the centre for over 2 years. Vicky says “I love working here, it has a lovely warm and friendly environment. It is so rewarding to be part of such a great team, who have helped so many people. I hope to be here contributing to the work for many years to come!” Vicky is a valuable member of the team at The STAR Centre, using her wide range of skills and experience to support the team and to ensure the smooth day to day running of the centre.


Lainey is our Community Development Student who brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to her role. Lainey is involved in our groupwork programme, enhancing provision and undertaking a comprehensive community asset mapping. Lainey has been involved in Education and community work for over a decade underpinned by a feminist analysis throughout the entirety of her career. Lainey says “ I am passionate about challenging gender inequality and creating opportunities for different communities to thrive and realise their goals and potential.” Lainey is a very welcome addition to the team, complimenting our existing service and supporting us in developing creative opportunities for survivors to engage in.


Beacon is a very friendly and fluffy dog who is at the centre most days. He will give anyone who visits a warm and enthusiastic welcome and can help put people at ease. Beacon says he loves coming to work with his mum Pamela as he gets to meet lots of people and helps to make them feel better by providing puppy cuddles.
We understand that not everyone feels comfortable with dogs and will respect this by providing doggy free rooms.


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