Sexual Violence Prevention Project

Our Prevention workers deliver sexual violence prevention workshops to young people aged between 12 and 25 years, in schools and youth groups across Ayrshire. As part of Rape Crisis Scotland’s National Prevention Network, we use the Preventing Sexual Violence pack which is delivered by rape crisis centres in schools and youth settings across Scotland.

Since the prevention programme began in 2013 we have delivered workshops to over 4,000 young people in schools and youth settings and are looking forward to expanding the programme to include North and South Ayrshire school and youth groups in April 2018.


Our workshops are designed to help young people explore issues around sexual violence in a safe and informative environment. The workshops are interactive with a focus on participation and involvement and encourage the young people to have an active role in the sessions. The workshops are broken down into age appropriate sessions for S1/2, S3/4, S5/6, 18–25yr olds, with individual workshops focusing on the following topics:


We explore gender norms and inequality, and the harmful impact of these on how we view ourselves and others, including looking at how we use language and gender policing.

What is sexual violence?

We explore sexual violence as that which is sexually violating – the use of power to overcome someone else’s will. We discuss sexual insults and bullying and sexual harassment.

Sexualisation (and pornography)

We look at the power of marketing and images to influence gendered behaviour and self-image, including the music and porn industries. Small group exercises help young people explore pressures and expectations that they may experience and responses.

Impacts and support

We can discuss the impacts of sexual violence on survivors and how to get support and help others, highlighting what support is available locally.

Social media

We explore the gendered nature of sexting, online safety, and the law, including discussions around the whole school community and responsibility.


We look at the legal definition of consent and the principles behind consent, including pressure, mutual enthusiasm, respect and addressing rape myths. We look at representations of sexual activity across a variety of media and make a space for young people to challenge and assert definitions of what consent actually means.

How we can help prevent sexual violence?

We discuss what we can do to influence other people’s behaviours and attitudes in a positive way, including addressing harmful attitudes towards sexual violence such as ‘victim-blaming’. This incorporates the bystander-approach and discussions around risk, both physical and social.

All our workshops have been designed to complement and contribute towards key aims identified in the Curriculum for Excellence, Getting It Right for Every Child and Equally Safe.

Our Sexual Violence Prevention programme has also been externally evaluated by DMSS Research and Consultancy which stated that it’s strength and impact demonstrate that it is very effective in changing young people’s knowledge and attitudes about sexual violence. A copy of the report can be found here.

If you would like to find out more information and book a workshop please contact Niki on [email protected] or alternatively telephone 01563 544 686.

We are keen to develop a young-person’s group at The Star Centre and if you would like to be involved or get more information please contact:

Niki (Sexual Violence Prevention Worker) [email protected]
Niamh Kerr (Sexual Violence Prevention Worker) [email protected]

Emma Corkerry (Young Person’s Worker) [email protected]


Our group work activities include a drop-in, creative writing, gardening project, arts and crafts, health and wellbeing, mindfulness and relaxation.


We have a wide range of leaflets produced by Rape Crisis Scotland aimed at supporting survivors, their friends, family, and partners.

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